LIANBIN DAI holds a D. Phil degree in Oriental Studies from University of Oxford, specializing in the cultural and social history of late imperial China (1368 – 1911).

With his knowledge and skills, he also provides consulting service:

  • Authentication, provenance studies, and appraisal of Chinese literati painting and calligraphy, old Chinese books, manuscripts, rubbings, old maps, and other Chinese bibliographical documents
  • Linguistic and communication analysis
  • Contract historical research
  • Lectures in Chinese history, culture, and language
  • Bibliographic service
  • Chinese-English translation, including translation from literary Chinese into English
  • China-related information, including cultural policies, social customs, and regional cultures, etc.
  • Intercultural communication (specifically between China and Canada), including education, personal travel, business tour, exhibition, and conference
  • Editing and publishing in Chinese and English

Lianbin Dai