As Curator

I had the opportunity to work for a year and a half (2015 – 2016) as a postdoctoral curator of the Mactaggart Art Collection at the University of Alberta Museums. I investigated, described, and catalogued about twenty Ming and Qing paintings and calligraphic works from the Mactaggart Collection.

In addition to this scholarly bibliographic work, I co-organized a public lecture series and an international symposium to highlight works in the Collection for the public and as well to bring them to the attention of historians and art-history researchers. Working with Professor Timothy Brook, I am editing a volume based on the lecture series and symposium, tentatively entitled Visualizing China’s Imperial Power.

Selected works:

  • Zhang Mengfu 趙孟頫 (1254 – 1322. Attributed). Twenty-Four Poems on the Pictures of Tilling and Weaving (Geng zhi tu shi 耕織圖詩)
  • Shen Zhou 沈周 (1427 – 1509). Farewell Party [for Wang Ao (1450-1524)] (Jianbie tu 餞別圖. Dated 1492)
  • Wen Zhengming 文徵明 (1470 – 1559). River Landscape by Wen Zhengming (Wen Zhengming shanshui文徵明山水. Dated 1499)
  • Wang Jian 王鑑 (1598 – 1677). Painting of Reading among Nine Peaks in the Style of Wang Meng (Fang [Wang] Shuming Jiu Feng dushu tu 仿叔明九峰讀書圖. 1666)
  • Ma Shouzhen 馬守貞 (1548 – 1604. Attributed). Orchids and Bamboo by Ma Xianglan (Ma Xianglan lan zhu 馬湘蘭蘭竹. Dated 1576 [Section 1] & 1566 [Section 2])
  • Dong Qichang 董其昌 (1555 – 1636. Attributed). [Four Tang Poems on Morning Court Audience] ([Tang zaochao shi si shou 唐早朝詩四首])
  • Huang Zeng 黃增 (ca. 1706 – ca. 1772). The Ding-Xin Rustic House (Ding xin laowu tu 丁辛老屋圖. Dated 1755)
  • Qian Weicheng 錢維城 (1720 – 1772). Complete View of the Lion Grove Garden (Shilin quanjing tu 獅林全景圖. 1757)