As Instructor

Teaching experience

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Sessional Instructor , Department of History & Classics, 09/01 – 12/31, 2016

  • Taught Imperial China, ca. 600 – 1911 (HIST 390), Fall 2016 – 2017, a survey course for undergraduates. 55 students enrolled from different ethnic and academic backgrounds.
  • Taught Knowledge and Power in Late Imperial China (1200 – 1800) (HIST 481), Fall 2016 – 2017, a seminar for senior undergraduates focusing on the interactions between knowledge and power in these six centuries. 12 students enrolled from different ethnic and academic backgrounds.
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

College Fellow, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, 2013 – 2014

  • Directed reading in late imperial Chinese history, Spring 2013 – 2014, for Mr. Philip A. Gant (Ph.D student) and Ms. Norzin Dickyi (MA student)
  • Reader of undergraduate theses, Spring 2013 – 2014
  • Taught Late Imperial Chinese Elite Reading Practices and Knowledge Acquisition (the 16th – 18th Centuries) (CHNSHIS 210), Spring 2013 – 2014, a graduate seminar focusing on reading and contextualizing primary materials in Classical Chinese.
  • Taught Culture and Society in Late Imperial China (750 – 1800) (CHNSHIS 116), Spring 2013 – 2014, a survey course designed for undergraduates. The central question was what forces shaped continuity and discontinuity, both cultural and social, from the mid-eighth to eighteenth centuries in China.
  • Taught Topics in Book History of Late Imperial China (CHNSHIS 115), Fall 2013 – 2014, a seminar designed for senior undergraduates and graduates. The central question was how to develop book history of late imperial China as a modern discipline. Theoretical assumptions, approaches, and materials for exploring those topics were highlighted.
Simon Fraser University , Burnaby and Surrey, BC, Canada

Sessional Instructor, Department of History, 2011

  • Taught China to 1800 (HIST 254), Fall 2011 – 2012, a survey course designed to help the undergraduates of history and other interested students to have a general understanding of Chinese history prior to 1800, totalling 200 students in two classes.
University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K., 10/2008 – 04/2009

Departmental Instructor, Faculty of Oriental Studies

  • Taught Unseen Translation of Classical Chinese Texts, 10/2008 – 04/2009, a course designed to help the senior undergraduates of Chinese and graduates of Chinese history to expand their vocabulary and to familiarize themselves to various genres, with 36 students in class.
  • Taught Reading the Memoir of the Massacre of Ten Days in Yangzhou [ Yangzhou shiri ji ], 10/2008 – 12/2008, a core course for the senior undergraduates of Chinese and graduates of Chinese history helping them to relate the text with the historical context.

Tutor, Institute for Chinese Studies and St. Catherine’s College, 05/2008 – 06/2008

  • Taught Society and Rebellion in Late Imperial China, a tutorial for Miss Dorota Poplawsk, a visiting student from Yale University interested in rebellions in Ming and Qing China
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 2002 – 2006

Teaching Assistant, Department of Asian Studies, with responsibilities entailing individual tutorials, occasional lectures, and grading exams, in the following courses:

  • Chinese Literature in Translation, Professor Catherine Swatek, 2005 – 2006
  • Classical Chinese Language, Dr. Mou Huaichuan, 2004 – 2005
  • Modern Chinese Language, Mr. Zheng Zhining, 2003 – 2004
  • History of Early China, Professor Leo K. Shin, 2002 – 2003

Prepared to teach

Survey Courses in History

  • Chinese civilization
  • East Asian civilizations
  • Pre-1800 Chinese history
  • History of late imperial China (1368 – 1911)
  • Modern China (1800 – present)

Seminars in Chinese History / Culture

  • Chinese historiography
  • Confucian canons
  • Neo-Confucianism in history
  • Social history of late imperial China (1368 – 1911)
  • Cultural history of late imperial China (1368 – 1911)
  • History of the book of traditional China
  • Print culture of late imperial China
  • History of reading of late imperial China
  • Knowledge system of imperial China (1200 – 1800)
  • Materials and methods for classical Chinese studies
  • Chinese bibliography
  • Textual scholarship of traditional China
  • Vernacular Chinese literature in translation

Language Courses

  • Classical Chinese language
  • Classical Chinese reading